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Why are you voting?

Only 54 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots during the last four decades of presidential elections. That means, on average, half the people of this country sit out elections in general. In the last presidential election only 60.3 percent voted. This election is poised to be history making - with record-breaking numbers of voter turnout.

Speak up about why you are casting your ballot this election. Then listen, in virtual real time, to what the rest of the country is saying.

Simply call the phone number of your party affiliation and leave a message with your reason.

Then check out www.sayhear.org to hear what the rest of the country has to say. real time.

What is SayHear?

This is simply a not-for-profit interactive experiment in the power of being heard. There is no cost (toll rates only), no profit, no distribution of any information, no political agenda. Your privacy is respected and secure.

Our country is a nation of unique voices. Listen to us. Spread the word.

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Why are you voting in this election?

Call the phone number of your affiliation and leave a message. Your opinion will join the other voices on website.

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